AngkorGames Mobile Service Terms of Use

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions are intended to regulate the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the service users (hereinafter referred to as "Members") who use the game service and associated network, website, and other services provided through devices by Digital Angkor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the Company.

Article 2 (Definitions)

The definitions of the terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. "Company" refers to the business operator that provides services through devices.

  2. "Member" refers to an individual who agrees to the terms and conditions, agrees to provide personal information, and uses the services provided by the Company.

  3. "Temporary Member" refers to an individual who provides only partial information and uses only part of the services provided by the Company.

  4. "Device" refers to a device capable of downloading or installing content for use, such as mobile phones, smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDA), tablets, and other devices that can download or install content or use services through the network.

  5. "Account Information" collectively refers to the information provided by the Member to the Company, including member information, external account information, device information, personal profile (including member number, screen name, profile picture, etc., assigned by mobile platform services for user identification), and game usage information (character information, items, levels, etc.), as well as information generated such as payment information for service fees.

  6. "Content" refers to all digital format materials (including games and network services, applications, game money, game items, etc.) related to the services provided by the Company on the device, whether paid or free.

  7. "Open Market" refers to the e-commerce environment built to install and pay for game content on devices.

  8. "Application" refers to all programs that are downloaded or installed through devices to use the services provided by the Company.

  9. "Game Service" refers to one of the services provided by the Company, which includes the game and ancillary services executed by Members on devices.

  10. "Affiliated Service" refers to individual or collective "services" that allow "Members" to use "Content" on "Devices" by using registration information, profile pictures, etc., on affiliated platforms through an affiliation agreement between the "Company" and mobile platform service providers.

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions shall be as specified in paragraph 1 of this Article, except as defined by relevant laws and policies specific to the "Service", and matters not specified herein shall be governed by general commercial practices.

Article 3 (Provision of Company Information and Consent)

The company displays the following items within the game service in a manner that is easy for members to understand. However, the privacy policy and terms and conditions can be made available to members through a link.

  1. Trade name and name of representative

  2. Address of the business location (including the address where member complaints can be handled)

  3. Email address

  4. Privacy policy

  5. Terms and conditions of service use

Article 4 (Effect and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

  1. The company posts the content of these terms and conditions within the game service or on its linked screens so that members can easily understand them. By clicking the agree button on these terms and conditions, members are considered to have consented to them. In this case, important contents of these terms and conditions, such as service discontinuation, withdrawal of subscription, refund of overpayment, contract termination, and the company's exemptions, are made easy for members to understand by using bold text, color, symbols, or through separate linked screens.

  2. When the company amends these terms and conditions, it will announce the effective date, details of the amendment, and reasons for the amendment at least 7 days before the effective date and continue to post it for a considerable period after the effective date within the game service or on its linked screens. However, changes that are unfavorable or significant to members will be announced in the same manner as the main text at least 30 days before the effective date and notified to members according to the method described in Article 28 (1). In this case, the company clearly compares the content before and after the amendment to make it easy for members to understand.

  3. When the company amends the terms and conditions, it will check for member's consent regarding the application of the revised terms and conditions after announcing them. If the company announces along with the notice or notification in paragraph 2 that it will consider members who do not express their own intentions as having consented, members will be considered to have consented to the revised terms and conditions if they do not express their refusal by the implementation date of the terms. Members have the right not to consent to the amended terms and conditions, and if they do not consent, either the company or the member may terminate the service use contract.

  4. The company takes measures to allow members to inquire and respond to the contents of these terms and conditions.

  5. The company may amend these terms and conditions within the scope not prohibited by relevant laws.

Article 5 (Conclusion and Application of the Use Contract)

  1. Users wishing to become members must enter into a service use contract with the company. The service use contract is established when the user applies for use by providing personal information required for the provision of services and agreeing to these terms and conditions, and the company accepts the user's use.

  2. In principle, the company proceeds with the acceptance of service use according to the order of the user's application for use. However, acceptance may be postponed until the reasons for any of the following circumstances are resolved:

    1. If there is no spare capacity in the company's facilities, support for specific devices is difficult, or there are technical obstacles.

    2. In the event of a failure in the service or issues with service usage fees, payment methods.

    3. If the user is a minor (under 18 years old) and has not obtained the consent of a legal guardian, or if it is impossible to confirm that consent was obtained (However, in cases where the company's service is provided through a mobile platform such as AngkorChat, this condition means that consent cannot be confirmed through the mobile platform's membership registration and consent procedure).

    4. Other circumstances similar to each item above where it is difficult for the company to accept use due to the company's circumstances.

  3. The company may not accept or may limit the use of services in cases corresponding to the following:

    1. If the application for use is falsely filled out or fails to meet the application requirements.

    2. If it involves the theft of someone else's information or device.

    3. If the service is intended to be used for purposes of committing crimes defined in the criminal law.

    4. If the service is intended to be used for purposes contrary to the intentions of the Youth Protection Law.

    5. If the service is intended to be used for profit-seeking purposes.

    6. If a member in competition with the service applies with the intent to harm the company's interests.

    7. In countries other than Cambodia where the company has not yet decided to provide services, if the use of the service is necessary in a country and the company needs to restrict service provision in relation to the service contract with foreign service providers or service provision to members accessing from specific countries.

    8. If the application for use of the service comes from devices that the company has restricted the use of.

    9. If the application for use is intended for illegal activities prohibited by related laws.

    10. If the application for use is intended to disrupt public peace and order or is for dishonest purposes.

    11. In other cases deemed inappropriate for acceptance for reasons similar to each item above.

  4. The company allows immediate use of the service if the member completes the consent procedure for these terms and conditions or the input of personal information required for service use, unless there are matters to withhold or refuse consent. However, if it is later discovered that there are grounds for refusal of consent, restrictions on use or termination of the contract may be carried out according to the provisions of these terms and conditions.

Article 6 (Operational Policy)

  1. The company may establish operational policies (hereinafter referred to as "Operational Policy") necessary for the application of these terms and conditions, for matters specifically delegated within the scope of these terms, and to protect members' rights and maintain order within the service.

  2. The Operational Policy will be posted within the game service or on its linked screens.

  3. When revising the Operational Policy, the company follows the procedure outlined in Article 4, Section 2. However, if the revision of the Operational Policy falls under any of the following, it will be announced in advance using the method described in Section 2 of this Article:

    1. When revising matters specifically delegated within the scope of these terms.

    2. When revising matters unrelated to members' rights and obligations.

    3. When the content of the Operational Policy is fundamentally not different from the content defined in the terms and is within the predictable range for members.

Article 7 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)

  1. The company strives to protect members' personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and the protection and use of personal information are subject to the related laws and the company's privacy policy. However, the company's privacy policy does not apply to services provided by third parties other than those directly provided by the company.

  2. Members consent to the exposure of their status information, screen names, profile pictures, etc., to other members and third parties in the process of communication with other members and when using services through affiliated services, as these are registered by members to describe themselves and can be disclosed to other members depending on the nature of the service.

  3. The company is not responsible for any damage caused by the leakage of personal information due to the fault of the member.

Article 8 (Provision and Modification of Member Information)

  1. When providing information to the company as required by these terms and conditions, members must provide accurate information, and protection is not provided for disadvantages arising from the provision of false information.

  2. Members must notify the company of any changes to the information provided at the time of membership registration either online or by other means.

  3. Except when requested by national agencies according to related laws, the company does not provide members' personal information to third parties without the consent of the member.

  4. The company is not responsible for any disadvantage to members or third parties caused by the member's failure to notify the company of changes in information as stated in Section 2 of this Article. If legal action is taken against the company due to such reasons, or if the company suffers damage, the member must resolve it at their own expense and responsibility.

Article 9 (Company's Obligations)

  1. The company faithfully complies with the exercise of rights and performance of obligations as stipulated in these terms and conditions and related laws in good faith.

  2. The company must have a security system to protect members' personal information (including credit information) to ensure that members can use the service safely, and will disclose and comply with the privacy policy. Except in cases specified in these terms and conditions and the privacy policy, the company ensures that members' personal information is not disclosed or provided to third parties.

  3. The company endeavors to continuously and stably provide the service and, in the event of equipment failure or loss or damage of data during service improvement, makes the best effort to repair or recover without delay, unless there are unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, emergencies, or faults and defects that cannot be solved with current technology.

Article 10 (Member's Obligations)

  1. Members must comply with matters stipulated in these terms and conditions, the Operational Policy, other regulations set by the company, notices announced by the company, the Youth Protection Act, and other related laws when using the service.

  2. Members shall not engage in the following acts:

    1. Falsifying information in the application for use or when changing member information.

    2. Trading or gifting cyber assets (ID, character, items, game money, etc.) through services not provided by the company or through abnormal methods, or acquiring them.

    3. Modifying the application, adding or inserting other programs into the application, hacking or reverse engineering the server, leaking or changing source codes or application data, constructing a separate server, or arbitrarily changing or misappropriating parts of the website to impersonate the company, without special rights granted by the company.

    4. All acts of fraud related to payment, such as using stolen credit cards, mobile/landline phones, bank accounts to purchase paid content, and unauthorized use of other members' IDs and passwords.

    5. Unauthorized collection, storage, posting, or dissemination of other members' personal information.

    6. Engaging in or inducing speculative acts such as gambling, exchanging or posting obscene or vulgar information, linking to pornographic sites, or transmitting or disseminating words, sounds, writings, pictures, photos, or videos that cause shame, disgust, or fear to others.

    7. Unauthorized use of the service for profit-making, business, advertising, promotion, political activities, election campaigning, or other purposes not intended for the service.

    8. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, encouragement, or commercial use of information obtained through the company's service, or exploiting known or unknown bugs for service use.

    9. Deceiving others to gain benefits, causing harm to others in relation to the use of the company's service, manipulating outcomes, or engaging in actions that can affect game results, such as forcibly terminating games.

    10. Infringing on the intellectual property rights (including patents, trademarks, and all other rights), trade secrets, or portrait rights of the company or others, defaming others, or causing damage.

    11. Intentionally transmitting, posting, disseminating, or using viruses, computer codes, files, programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the normal operation of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment, or information (computer programs) prohibited by law for transmission or posting.

    12. Posting articles or sending emails by impersonating the company's employees, operators, or using the names of others, pretending to be someone else or falsely stating the relationship with others.

    13. Acts that interfere with the company's operations or damage the company's reputation.

    14. Transmitting, posting, or disseminating lowbrow, obscene content in violation of the Youth Protection Act or laws, using information, sentences, figures, sounds, videos through transmission, posting, or other methods.

    15. Other acts that violate relevant laws or are against public order and morals or other social norms.

  3. Members may not use the service for business activities to generate financial benefits for themselves or others without the prior consent of the company, and all responsibilities for the results of such business activities lie with the member. If such business activities cause a third party to file a complaint or claim damages against the company, the member must indemnify the company at their own expense, although the company may claim damages for losses incurred due to such business activities unless the company has intentionally or grossly negligently facilitated the occurrence of the damage or failed to take measures to prevent the damage.

  4. The responsibility for managing the member's account and device lies with the member, and should not allow others to use it. The company is not liable for any damage arising from poor management of the device or consent given to others for its use.

  5. Members must set payment password functions provided by each open market to prevent unauthorized payments. The company is not responsible for problems arising from not setting such payment password functions.

  6. The company can specify the concrete content of the following acts, and members must follow them:

    1. The naming of the member's account, character name, guild name, and other names used within the game.

    2. The content and method of chatting.

    3. The use of bulletin boards and "service" usage methods.

    4. External mobile platform affiliated service policies such as AngkorChat, Facebook, Twitter.

Article 11 (Provision of Service)

  1. According to the provisions of Article 5, the company shall immediately provide the service to members upon completion of the service contract. However, the company may start some services from a designated date according to the company's needs, and unless otherwise indicated or announced, services are provided 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

  2. When providing game services to members, the company may also provide other ancillary services in addition to the services stipulated in these terms and conditions.

  3. The company may differentiate members' grades and apply differences in usage time, number of uses, and the scope of services provided.

Article 12 (Use of Service)

  1. The game service is provided during the hours set according to the company's business policies. The company guides the service hours in an appropriate manner on the game application's initial screen or through the game service announcements.

  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, the company may temporarily suspend all or part of the service in the following cases. In such cases, the company will announce the reason and duration of the suspension in advance on the game application's initial screen or through game service announcements. However, if it is impossible to announce in advance due to unavoidable circumstances, the announcement can be made afterwards.

    1. When necessary for system operation such as regular system maintenance, server expansion and replacement, or instability of the network.

    2. In response to electronic intrusion incidents such as hacking, communication accidents, abnormal game usage behavior by members, or unforeseen instability in the game service.

    3. When normal service provision is impossible due to a power outage, failure of service facilities, surge in service usage, maintenance or inspection by the telecommunications carrier.

    4. In case of war, incidents, natural disasters, or similar national emergency situations beyond the company's control.

  3. The company provides the service using a dedicated application for devices or through a network. Members can use the service for free or for a fee by downloading and installing the application or using the network.

  4. For paid content, the fees specified in the service must be paid to use it. Downloading applications or using services through the network may incur additional charges set by the member's telecommunications provider.

  5. Services used through downloaded and installed applications or through the network are provided to suit the characteristics of the device or telecommunications carrier. Changes to the device, number change, or overseas roaming may result in the inability to use all or part of the content, and the company is not responsible in such cases.

  6. Services used through downloaded and installed applications or through the network may conduct background operations. Additional charges may apply according to the characteristics of the device or telecommunications carrier, and the company is not responsible for these charges.

Article 13 (Change and Interruption of Service)

  1. The company may always change all or part of the game service as necessary for operational or technical reasons, such as adding new content or patching various bugs, and will announce such changes in advance within the game service. However, changes due to bug fixes, emergency updates, or other necessary changes that do not constitute significant changes may be announced afterwards.

  2. The company may discontinue all of the service due to business transfer, division, merger, termination of business, expiration of the game provision contract, significant deterioration of the game service's revenue, or other significant management or technical reasons. In such cases, the company will announce the discontinuation 30 days in advance and may stop providing the service. The company will announce the date of discontinuation, reason for discontinuation, and compensation conditions through the game application's initial screen or its linked screen 30 days before the discontinuation date and notify members according to the method described in Article 28, paragraph 1.

  3. In the case of paragraph 2, the company will refund for unused or remaining paid items according to Article 25, paragraph 3.

Article 14 (Collection of Information)

  1. The company may store and retain chat content between members, which is held solely by the company. The company may access this information only for the purpose of adjusting disputes between members, handling complaints, or maintaining game order, and third parties may access this information only if authorized by law.

  2. When the company or a third-party accesses chat information according to paragraph 1, the company will notify the relevant member of the reason and scope of the access in advance. However, if access to this information is necessary for investigating, processing, or confirming prohibited acts according to Article 10, paragraph 2, or for remedying damage caused by such acts, the company may notify afterwards.

  3. The company may collect and utilize device information of members (settings, specifications, operating system, version, etc.) excluding personal information for smooth and stable operation of the service and for improvement of service quality.

  4. The company may request additional information from members for the purpose of service improvement or introduction of services to members. Members have the right to accept or refuse this request, and when making the request, the company will also notify that members have the right to refuse it.

Article 15 (Provision of Advertisements)

  1. The company may place advertisements within the game service in connection with its operation. Additionally, the company may send advertisement information to members who have agreed to receive it via email, text services (LMS/SMS), push notifications, etc., and members consent to this. Members may refuse to receive these at any time, and the company will not send advertisement information if a member has opted out.

  2. Through banners or links within the services provided by the company, members may be directed to advertisements or services provided by third parties.

  3. If members are directed to advertisements or services provided by third parties as per paragraph 2, the services offered in those areas are not under the company’s service domain, and the company does not guarantee their reliability or stability, nor is the company liable for any damages incurred by members. However, this does not apply if the company has facilitated the occurrence of damage through intent or gross negligence or has not taken measures to prevent the damage.

Article 16 (Ownership of Copyrights and Other Intellectual Property)

  1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for contents produced by the company within the game service belong to the company.

  2. Members must not use for commercial purposes or allow others to use information obtained through the service that is copyrighted or otherwise owned by the company or the provider of the information without their prior consent. This includes reproducing, transmitting, and other methods (including editing, publishing, performing, distributing, broadcasting, creating derivative works, etc.).

  3. Members grant the company the permission to use, in the following manner and conditions, the communications, images, sounds, and all materials and information (hereinafter "User Content") including chat texts uploaded or transmitted by members or other members in relation to the game service or through the game application:

    1. To use, edit, change the format, or otherwise transform the User Content (usable in any form including publication, reproduction, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, creation of derivative works, etc., with no limitation on the duration and region of use).

    2. Not to sell, rent, or transfer the User Content for the purpose of transactions without the prior consent of the member who produced the User Content.

  4. The company will not use User Content that is not displayed in the game or integrated with the game service (e.g., posts on a general bulletin board) without the explicit consent of the member, and members can delete such User Content at any time.

  5. If the company deems that certain postings are defamatory, invade privacy, or violate prohibited acts according to Article 10, paragraph 2, it may delete, move, or refuse registration of such posts without prior notice.

  6. Members whose legal interests are infringed by information posted on the company-operated boards can request the company to delete the information or post a rebuttal. The company will take necessary actions promptly and notify the applicant.

  7. This article remains effective while the company operates the game service and continues to apply even after a member's withdrawal.

Article 17 (Purchase, Usage Period, and Use of Paid Contents)

  1. Paid content purchased by members within the game service can only be used on the device where the application has been downloaded or installed.

  2. The usage period for paid content purchased by members is as specified at the time of purchase. However, if the service is discontinued according to Article 13, paragraph 2, the usage period for paid content without a specified period will be until the discontinuation date announced at the time of the service discontinuation notice.

Article 17-1 (Game Point – GP)

  1. Members can convert Angkor Points and Event Points into Game Points at a 1:1 ratio within the game service.

  2. Once the conversion to Game Points is completed, it is not possible to reconvert these Game Points back into Angkor Points or Event Points.

  3. Game Points will automatically expire if they are not recharged or used within 5 years from the last recharge or usage date. However, if the user does not recharge or use them but logs into the service at least once during that period, the validity extends for 5 years from the time of login.

  4. In the event of significant defects in the service that result in the damage, destruction, or deletion of purchased paid content, it is possible to have the content restored or the Game Points recharged. However, this is only possible for games exclusively serviced by AngkorGames, and for games with external partner developers, the terms of those developers apply.

  5. If a member voluntarily withdraws, any game points and items held by the member will automatically expire and cannot be restored or refunded

Article 18 (Affiliated Services)

  1. The company may collaborate with mobile platform service providers to allow members to use services with affiliated service features.

  2. Before using the game service, members must agree to provide and use personal information necessary for the provision of services, including their personal profile on mobile platforms such as AngkorChat. If a member does not agree, there may be restrictions on using some services.

  3. The company can provide various game services in collaboration with affiliates. Due to the nature of game services, members who have signed up for several services and wish to terminate their service use must apply for termination (membership withdrawal) for each subscribed service.

  4. Since services are provided using the member information of affiliates, if a member loses their membership status with an affiliate or withdraws from an affiliate, usage records, game records, etc., of the affiliated service may not be carried over, and the company is not liable for this.

  5. When deleting installed content, items and usage information held by members may be deleted, so please check before deleting.

Article 19 (Restrictions on Service Use for Members)

  1. Members must not engage in acts that violate the duties of members as stipulated in Article 10. In such cases, the company can restrict the member's use of services, delete related information (texts, photos, videos, etc.), and take other restriction measures. The specific reasons and procedures for restriction measures are determined by the operational policy of each game as per Article 20, paragraph 1.

    1. Partial rights restriction: Restrict certain rights such as chatting for a certain period.

    2. Character use restriction: Restrict the use of the member's character for a certain period or permanently.

    3. Account use restriction: Restrict the use of the member's account for a certain period or permanently.

    4. Member use restriction: Restrict the member's use of the game service for a certain period or permanently.

  2. If the restriction in paragraph 1 is justified, the company is not liable for any damages incurred by the member due to the restriction.

  3. Members are responsible for compensating the company or other members for any damages caused by their fault.

  4. The company may suspend the use of an account's services until the investigation of the following matters is completed:

    1. If there is a legitimate report that an account has been hacked or stolen.

    2. If the user is suspected of using illegal programs or engaging in illegal activities such as operation of a workshop.

    3. In other cases where temporary measures for service use are necessary for reasons similar to the ones mentioned.

  5. After the investigation in paragraph 4 is completed, for paid game services, the company compensates by extending the member's usage time for the period of suspension or by providing equivalent paid services or cash. However, this does not apply if the member falls under the reasons mentioned in paragraph 4.

  6. If the company's restriction is justified, the company is not liable for any damages incurred by the member due to the restriction or termination of the contract, and any remaining balance or period related to the use of paid services, as well as compensation and refunds for remaining services, are not possible.

Article 20 (Reasons and Procedures for Use Restriction Measures)

  1. The company establishes the operational policy regarding specific reasons and procedures for the use restriction measures mentioned in Article 19, paragraph 1, considering the content, degree, frequency, and consequences of the prohibited acts outlined in Article 10, paragraph 2.

  2. When the company imposes use restriction measures as mentioned in Article 19, paragraph 1, it will notify the member in advance of the following details. However, in urgent cases, the company may notify the member after taking action.

    1. Reasons for the use restriction measures

    2. Types and duration of the use restriction measures

    3. How to appeal against the use restriction measures

Article 21 (Appeal Procedure Against Use Restriction Measures)

  1. Members who wish to contest the company's use restriction measures must submit an objection form stating the reasons for the dispute to the company via written document, email, or an equivalent method within 14 days of receiving the notice of such measures.

  2. The company will respond to the objection form submitted by the member within 15 days of receipt, via written document, email, or an equivalent method. If it is difficult to respond within this period, the company will notify the reason and the processing schedule.

  3. If the company finds the reasons for the dispute to be valid, it will take appropriate action accordingly.

Article 22 (Payment of Fees)

  1. The imposition and payment of fees for content purchases follow the policies or methods determined by mobile operators or open market operators. Limits for each payment method may be set or adjusted according to the policies of the company or open market operators or government policies.

  2. When paying for content purchases in foreign currency, the actual billed amount may differ from the price displayed in the service's store due to exchange rates and fees.

Article 23 (Withdrawal of Subscription by Members and Its Effects)

  1. Members who have entered into a contract for the purchase of paid content with the company can withdraw their subscription without any penalty or cancellation fee within 7 days from the later of the purchase contract date or the content availability date.

  2. Members cannot withdraw their subscription against the company's will in the following cases:

    1. For paid content that is used or applied immediately upon purchase.

    2. For content where additional benefits have been used.

    3. If the content's utility is determined at the time of opening, or if opening can be considered as use.

    4. For content or services received for free through gifts from others or company events, or content acquired during the use of the service.

    5. If part of the content sold in bundles has been used or applied.

  3. For content that cannot be withdrawn according to the provisions of paragraph 2, the company will clearly indicate this fact where members can easily notice it. The company takes measures to ensure that members' right to withdraw their subscription is not hindered by providing trial use of the content (allowing temporary use, providing a demo, etc.) or by providing information about the content if such provision is difficult.

  4. Notwithstanding paragraphs 1 and 2, members can withdraw their subscription within 3 months from the date the content became available or within 30 days from the day they became aware or could have been aware of the fact, if the content provided differs from the displayed or advertised content or if the content was not provided as per the purchase contract.

  5. When a member withdraws their subscription, the company will verify the purchase history through the platform operator or open market operator. The company may contact the member using the information provided by the member to verify the legitimate reason for withdrawal and may request additional evidence.

  6. When a subscription withdrawal is made according to the provisions from paragraph 1 to 4, the company will promptly collect the paid content and refund the payment within 3 business days.

  7. If a minor makes a content purchase contract using a device, the company will notify that the minor themselves or their legal guardian can cancel the contract if there is no consent from the legal guardian. If a minor makes a purchase contract without the consent of the legal guardian, the minor themselves or their legal guardian can cancel the contract with the company. However, if the minor purchases content with assets allowed by the legal guardian or if the minor deceives the company into believing they are of legal age or have the consent of their legal guardian, the contract cannot be cancelled.

  8. Whether the party to a content purchase contract is a minor will be determined based on the device used for payment, the information of the payment executor, and the name of the payment method holder. The company may request documents proving the minor status and legal guardianship to verify the legitimacy of the cancellation.

Article 24 (Refund of Overpayment)

  1. The company shall refund any overpayments to members. However, if the overpayment occurred due to the member's fault without any intention or negligence on the part of the company, the actual expenses incurred for the refund shall be borne by the member within a reasonable range.

  2. Payments made through the application follow the payment method provided by the open market operator, and any overpayment occurring during the payment process should be refunded by requesting the company or the open market operator. However, if the open market operator's policy and system support the refund process, the company may substitute or support the refund.

  3. Refunds will be processed according to the refund policies of the open market operator or the company, depending on the operating system of the device being used for the service.

  4. Charges incurred for downloading the application or using network services (call charges, data charges, etc.) may be excluded from the refund.

  5. The company may contact members using the information provided by them to process the refund of overpayments and may request additional information needed for the refund. The company will refund within 3 business days after receiving the necessary information for the refund.

Article 25 (Termination of Contract)

  1. Members wishing to terminate their service contract may apply for membership withdrawal using the service page menu or through customer service. Upon completion of withdrawal, all user information (scores, characters, items, game money, etc.) will be deleted and cannot be recovered. The company may restrict immediate withdrawal for a certain period after membership registration for reasons such as preventing misuse of the service.

  2. The company may suspend the service use or terminate the service contract if the member engages in prohibited acts as defined in these terms and conditions and operational policy, or if there are significant reasons that make it impossible to maintain the contract, after giving sufficient notice and specifying a period.

  3. Refunds and compensation for damages according to paragraphs 1 and 2 will be handled in accordance with relevant laws.

  4. The company can terminate the contract and take necessary actions such as deleting and separately storing personal information to protect the personal information of "Members" (hereafter "Dormant Accounts") who have not used the company's service for 1 year continuously from the last date of service use. In this case, the company will notify the member of the impending action and the expiration date of personal information retention and the items of personal information 30 days before the action.

  5. When a member terminates the service contract, all data including the member's account information will be extinguished immediately, except in cases where the company retains member information in accordance with the law and privacy policy.

Article 26 (Compensation for Damages)

  1. The company or member shall be liable for compensating any damages caused to the other party by violating these terms and conditions. However, this does not apply if there was no intention or negligence.

  2. When the company provides individual services to members through an affiliation agreement with individual service providers, and if a member incurs damage due to the intention or negligence of the individual service provider after agreeing to the terms and conditions of use for the individual service, the individual service provider is responsible for compensating for the damage.

Article 27 (Company's Exemption from Liability)

  1. The company is not responsible for the inability to provide services due to the unavailability or failure of telecommunication networks, natural disasters, national emergencies, power outages, or other force majeure circumstances.

  2. The company is not liable for service disruptions, interruptions, usage restrictions, data deletion, or failures caused by the member's intent or negligence. However, this does not apply if there are unavoidable or legitimate reasons for the member.

  3. The company is not liable for problems arising from maintenance, replacement, regular inspection, construction, or similar reasons of service equipment, or from various wireless and wired devices' usage environments of the member. However, this does not apply if caused by the company's intent or negligence.

  4. The company is not liable for the reliability and accuracy of information or materials posted by members in relation to the service, unless there is intentional or gross negligence by the company.

  5. The company is not liable for disadvantages or loss of information due to changes made by the member to their personal information (including account information), unless there is intentional or gross negligence by the company.

  6. The company is not responsible for third-party payments arising from the failure to manage the device password, open market operator-provided passwords, etc. However, this does not apply if caused by the company's intent or negligence.

  7. The company has no obligation to intervene in transactions or disputes arising between members or third parties through the service, and is not liable for any resulting damages.

  8. The company is not liable for damages incurred in relation to the use of services provided for free. However, this does not apply if caused by the company's intentional or gross negligence.

  9. The company is not responsible for any profits expected or lost by the member through the use of the service.

  10. The company is not liable for the loss of game experience points, levels, items, game money, etc. However, this does not apply if caused by the company's intent or negligence.

  11. The company is not responsible if the member cannot use all or part of the content due to changes to the device, device number, operating system (OS) version, overseas roaming, change of telecommunication carrier, etc. However, this does not apply if caused by the company's intent or negligence.

  12. The company is not liable for the deletion of content or account information by the member. However, this does not apply if caused by the company's intent or negligence.

  13. The company is not liable for damages incurred by the use of the service by temporary members. However, this does not apply if caused by the company's intent or negligence.

Article 28 (Notifications to Members)

  1. When the company notifies members, it can do so via the member's email address, electronic memos, in-game messages, text messages (LMS/SMS), etc.

  2. For notifications to all members, the company can substitute the method mentioned in paragraph 1 by posting on the game service or presenting a popup screen for at least 7 days.

Article 29 (Supplementary Provisions)

The company may set separate terms of use and operational policies for individual game services (hereinafter referred to as "individual service terms, etc."), and in case of conflict between these terms and the individual service terms, etc., the individual service terms, etc. shall prevail. Matters not specified in these terms or the interpretation of these terms shall follow the individual service terms and relevant laws or customary practices.

Article 30 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

  1. Lawsuits arising between the "company" and "member" shall be governed by Cambodian law.

  2. The jurisdiction for disputes arising between the "company" and "member" shall be the courts determined according to the procedures set by the law.

Article 31 (Handling of Member Grievances and Dispute Resolution)

  1. The company will guide on the game service or its linked screens how members can present their opinions or complaints for the convenience of members. The company operates dedicated personnel to handle such opinions or complaints from members.

  2. The company will promptly handle objectively justified opinions or complaints from members within a reasonable period. However, if it takes a long time to process, the company will notify the reason and processing schedule on the game service or notify according to Article 28, paragraph 1.

  3. In case of a dispute between the company and a member leading to mediation by a third-party dispute resolution institution, the company will faithfully prove actions taken against the member such as usage restrictions and follow the mediation.


  • Announcement Date: February 8, 2024

  • Implementation Date: February 8, 2024