AngkorGames Mobile Service Operation Policy

Article 1 (Basic Policy)

  1. This operating policy is intended to provide smooth service to members and protect their rights to use the services offered by Digital Angkor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").

  2. The Company promises to do its best to ensure members can use the best services available, and members should be aware of the operating policy to avoid any disadvantages.

  3. The Company may change the operating policy and will announce such changes at least 7 days in advance (or 30 days in advance for changes that are disadvantageous or significant to members) through the game service and official channels (AngkorChat).

  4. Matters not specified in this operating policy will be handled according to the Company's mobile service terms and conditions, relevant laws, and general business practices.

Article 2 (Member's Duties and Rights)

  1. Members have the right to receive smooth services from the Company, and there are certain matters they need to comply with.

  2. Members must adhere to the Company's game service terms and conditions and this operating policy, and violation may result in restrictions on service use.

  3. Members must register with their own information at the time of joining, and cannot be protected by the Company for damages arising from the use of someone else's personal information or registration of false information. They are also responsible for any issues arising from the misuse of personal information.

  4. Members cannot engage in commercial activities using the service's content without prior consent from the Company.

  5. Members cannot use, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, or otherwise utilize information obtained from the service, nor provide it to others without the Company's prior consent.

  6. If members discover vulnerabilities (bugs, account theft, illegal programs, etc.) in the game, they must report and inform through customer service (e.g., 1:1 inquiry) and may be subject to sanctions defined in this operating policy if they exploit or share these for personal gain.

  7. Members are responsible for any problems arising from the use of programs not officially provided by the Company.

  8. If members experience unfair treatment or problems during the use of the service, they can inquire and request corrections through official channels such as customer service.

  9. Members can make inquiries related to the service through the following path:

  • In-game customer service 1:1 inquiry

  1. The Company will sincerely respond to customer inquiries and suggestions, but please understand that responses may be delayed depending on the volume and content of inquiries received.

Article 3 (Account Management)

  1. Members must manage their own accounts.

  2. Members can protect their information from unauthorized use, such as account theft, by regularly changing their account passwords.

  3. Sharing, trading, or transferring game data (accounts and items) through abnormal methods is not recognized, and assistance cannot be provided for problems (e.g., fraud, account theft) arising from such actions.

  4. Attempting to trade game data (accounts and items) with others for cash or goods may result in the revocation of service privileges, and assistance cannot be provided for problems arising from such actions. Furthermore, all responsibilities for problems arising from account sharing or cash/goods transactions lie with the individual who registered the account.

  5. Acts of stealing third-party phone numbers, accounts, etc., can be subject to criminal prosecution under relevant laws.

  6. The "Company" does not request personal information (such as personal details) from customers. Please be cautious of personal information leaks by individuals impersonating operators or company officials.

Article 4 (Service Use Restriction Measures)

  1. The Company may restrict the use of services for members who disrupt game progress or engage in behavior that harms public morals and customs, in order to provide smooth service.

  2. If you violate the criteria specified in the operating policy, you may be restricted from using the service, and the Company will notify the member before taking restriction measures. However, in cases where urgent action is needed, notification may be made afterwards.

  3. The criteria for service use restrictions according to the operating policy follow a set of sanction standards.

<Sanction Standards Chart>

Type: Use of Inappropriate Language (Inappropriate Behavior)


  • Use of inappropriate language includes swearing, use of profanity or vulgar language, obscene words or actions that cause sexual embarrassment, derogatory or mocking comments about specific regions, religions, races, disabilities, threats or baseless accusations against others, spamming the same content repeatedly, and any actions that cause discomfort or aversion to others or other users.

  • Note: Actions will be taken without prior warning for the use of inappropriate language.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - 3 days, 2nd offense - 7 days, 3rd offense - 15 days, 4th offense - 30 days

Type: Use of Inappropriate Names


  • Use of inappropriate names refers to the act of using any names that fall under the examples listed in Article 5, Section 2 of the naming policy.

  • Note: Upon detection/reporting of inappropriate name use, character access may be temporarily restricted, and a name change may be enforced.

  • Repeated use of inappropriate names may result in sanctions applicable to "Use of Inappropriate Language."

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - Warning, 2nd offense - 3 days, 3rd offense - 7 days, 4th offense - 15 days

Type: Real-Money Trading (Including Advertising)


  • Real-money trading refers to attempts or actions to monetize game data such as accounts and items, advertising including phone numbers in game profiles/bios, trading in-game items for cash/goods, conducting commercial advertising with the intent of profit within the game, and entrusting accounts/characters for power-leveling in exchange for real-world goods or services.

  • Note: Commercial advertising for profit will result in a 'permanent service restriction' from the first offense.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - 3 days, 2nd offense - 15 days, 3rd offense - 30 days, 4th offense – Permanent

Type: Disruption of Game Progress


  • Disruption of game progress includes exploiting game systems to hinder other users' normal game progress, causing repeated harm to other players, and intentionally causing damage to other users' game experience.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - Warning, 2nd offense - 3 days, 3rd offense - 7 days, 4th offense - 30 days

Type: Disruption of Operational Services


  • Disrupting operational services includes delaying normal customer service with false reports, falsely reporting other customers, falsely reporting account theft, submitting inquiries involving sexual harassment, sexual degradation, or continuous swearing, spreading false information not announced, and all actions that promote gambling within the game.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - 1 day, 2nd offense - 3 days, 3rd offense - 15 days, 4th offense - 30 days

Type: Account Theft


  • Account theft refers to using another customer's account, arbitrarily acquiring another customer's items and currency, participating in account theft knowingly, and unauthorized payment using someone else's credit card.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense – Permanent

Type: Bug Abuse/Exploitation


  • Bug abuse/exploitation refers to exploiting in-game systems for unfair advantage, causing harm to other customers through abnormal methods, using errors for profit and affecting the game's balance or system, and colluding or manipulating game system or event outcomes with other customers.

  • Note: Discovering and not reporting system abuse or exploitation can also result in sanctions. Abnormal gameplay may lead to temporary account access restrictions for investigation. Depending on the severity, a 'permanent service restriction' may be applied from the first offense.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - 15 days, 2nd offense – Permanent

Type: Use and Distribution of Illegal Programs


  • Use and distribution of illegal programs include using unauthorized programs to crash servers, using or distributing unapproved programs to share with other customers, and modifying/changing the game system through abnormal methods.

  • Note: Illegal programs refer to all programs not approved by the company that enable abnormal gameplay outside the normal game progression. Use of such programs can result in game access restrictions.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense – Permanent

Type: Personal Information Leakage


  • Personal information leakage refers to the act of disseminating someone else's personal information.

  • Depending on the severity, the company may request an investigation by legal authorities.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense – Permanent

Type: Abnormal Game Progression


  • Abnormal game progression includes gameplay actions beyond manual operation, using unprovided macro functions or similar to affect game balance or other customers.

  • Sharing methods of abnormal game progression can also result in sanctions. Game records outside the normal system parameters may lead to sanctions, regardless of intent. Gained assets through abnormal progression may be retracted or game information altered.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense – Permanent

Type: Farming Operations


  • Farming operations refer to organized, collective use or attempts to use the game service for profit through item acquisition, transfer, or monetization, using multiple accounts on the same device or from adjacent IP ranges, gambling behavior, using illegal programs, or collecting items in specific accounts.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense – Permanent

Type: Impersonation of Operator (Including Company Officials)


  • Impersonating an operator to deceive others, using false blogs/images to impersonate the operation team.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - 15 days, 2nd offense – Permanent

Type: Fraud (Including Attempted Fraud)


  • Fraud or attempted fraud refers to deceiving others to gain or attempt to gain unfair benefits within the game. While accounts affected by personal fraud may not be recoverable, the offending accounts can be sanctioned. Depending on the severity, legal action may be requested.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - 15 days, 2nd offense – Permanent

Type: Abuse of Payment System


  • Abuse of the payment system includes abusing the refund or payment cancellation process of open market stores and spreading/sharing such abusive practices.

  • Payment cancellations should proceed through normal procedures via 1:1 inquiry. Depending on the severity, legal action may be requested.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - Permanent

  1. The Company may impose stronger sanctions than those listed in the sanction standards chart, considering the circumstances of the violation of the operating policy and terms, as well as the impact on the service.

  2. Even if a situation is not listed in the sanction standards chart, actions that violate the terms and conditions or relevant laws can be sanctioned according to their severity.

  3. If service use is restricted, you can file an objection through the following clarification procedure within 14 days from the date the restriction was applied:

  • 1:1 inquiry or service email for each game.

  1. The Company may temporarily restrict an account for up to 7 days without prior notice in cases where urgent fact-checking is needed, such as bug verification, specific damages, or policy violations, and may then lift the restriction or convert it to a different type of restriction.

Article 5 (Naming Policy)

  1. The naming policy applies equally to all names selected by customers in the game, including character names, nicknames, guild names, etc.

  2. Members are free to use character names, nicknames, guild names, etc. However, if the use of names that fall under the following categories is detected, they may be restricted or changed without prior warning, and the company may take necessary actions.

    ※ Assistance cannot be provided for inconveniences caused by these reasons.

    • Names that may cause discomfort to others

    • Names containing swear words, profanity, advertisements, or suggestive content

    • Names that are racially or sexually discriminatory (obscene)

    • Names that are anti-social, derogatory towards specific religions or groups, in violation of relevant laws, or otherwise difficult to accept in social norms

    • Names that are related to, or intended to impersonate, the company, the game, its original work

    • Names that could induce real-money trading of accounts, items, or other game data

    • Names that could be mistaken for or suggest affiliation with operators, helpers, GMs, etc.

    • Names that may infringe upon third-party trademarks or copyrights

Article 6 (Recovery Policy)

  1. The Company can recover lost or changed game data (accounts, items, etc.) due to the Company's fault (such as technical errors) within the scope that data and information can be verified through data.

  2. Members must submit a recovery request via 1:1 inquiry or other designated methods within 7 days from the occurrence of the issue for recovery to be possible.

  3. Recovery support is not available in the following cases:

    • If more than 7 days have passed since the issue occurred.

    • If the request is made through an account that is not owned by the person experiencing the issue.

    • If the issue arose due to the member's own negligence or failure to understand the contents specified in the operating policy, announced notices, etc.

    • For losses incurred through normal use of the game service and content.

    • For damages resulting from personal fraud between individuals. However, to prevent further damage, the offending account may be investigated and restricted from using the service based on the sanction standards.

    • If it involves data or situations not present within the game or if objective record verification through data is impossible.

    • If the account was terminated through normal procedures and processes.

    • If account information is lost due to using a guest account without linking it and then losing the device, resetting the device, or deleting cache and data.

    • For other reasons specified under "Company's Disclaimer" in the mobile service terms and conditions of the Company.

  4. For the smooth provision of game services, the Company may change the service (including modification, change, deletion of character and item, content information) as needed for operational, technical reasons, or balance, and will announce such changes within the game service beforehand. However, changes may be made without prior notice in cases of bug fixes, urgent updates, non-significant changes, server equipment faults, urgent security issues, or other unavoidable circumstances. No recovery will be provided in these situations.

Article 7 (Disputes Between Customers Within the Game)

  1. The Company does not intervene or take action in disputes that occur between members during the use of the game.

  2. Even if it is a private dispute, if it causes harm to an unspecified number of members, sanctions may be taken.

  3. If the Company deems that a dispute between members disrupts the order of the game or violates the law, etc., it will respond promptly according to this operating policy or general order and norms to protect the well-being of good-standing members.

Article 8 (Community Operation Policy)

  1. The Company follows the "Community Operation Policy" separately established regarding the community.

  2. The Company announces the content of the "Community Operation Policy" in each game community.

Article 9 (Policy on the Protection of Consultants' Rights and Interference with Work)

  1. In the process of conducting service inquiries, the Company can issue warnings, take game usage restriction measures, and limit or terminate consultations to protect the rights of consultants and ensure smooth service operations as follows:

Type: Use of Inappropriate Language (Inappropriate Behavior)


  • "Violation of consultants' rights and interference with work" includes the following actions:

    • Using swear words, sexual words, personal attacks, sexual harassment, or threatening expressions on topics unrelated to the game during consultation.

    • Continuously using swear words, sexual words, personal attacks, sexual harassment, or threatening expressions during consultation.

    • Sending images, videos, or links that could cause sexual embarrassment or disgust during consultation.

    • Requesting personal meetings or making sexual jokes during consultation.

    • Continuously demanding consultation in situations where further guidance is impossible or the content itself cannot be advised, thereby interfering with work.

  • Note: Consultation includes "1:1 inquiries, phone consultations, and face-to-face consultations."

  • Inquiries not involving the above behaviors will proceed normally without inconvenience.

  • This clause has been added in accordance with Article 26, Paragraph 2 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, which mandates protective measures for emotional labor workers.

Sanction Duration (Days): 1st offense - Warning or consultation termination, 2nd offense - 3 days, 3rd offense - 7 days, 4th offense - 15 days

  1. Depending on the severity of the violation of consultants' rights or interference with work, the Company can terminate the consultation or restrict game usage without prior warning and impose increased sanctions.

Supplementary Provision This operation policy will be implemented from February 8, 2024.