AngkorFeed Community Guidelines

AngkorFeed is a space co-created by people from various cultures, ages, and beliefs. We are always carefully considering various perspectives to create a safe and enjoyable environment for people from all backgrounds. The community guidelines are policies created to maintain and protect our valuable community. By using AngkorFeed, you agree to these guidelines and the terms of use. Please help us keep AngkorFeed enjoyable for everyone. Violating these guidelines can result in content removal, account deactivation, or deletion. However, content that is worth sharing or serves the public interest may be allowed even if it doesn't fully align with the AngkorFeed community guidelines, depending on the case. Such content is permitted after carefully weighing its public interest value against the potential risk of harm, and decisions are made with reference to Cambodian human rights regulations.

  • Share Only Your Own Photos and Videos: Ensure that you have the rights to the content you post on AngkorFeed. This means original content only; copying or sharing content from the internet that you don't have permission to post is not allowed.

  • Post Content Enjoyable for Everyone: While there might be instances where nude images are shared for artistic or creative expression, AngkorFeed does not allow nudity. This includes photos or videos of sexual acts, genitals, and close-ups of fully nude buttocks. Female nipples in photos are generally not allowed, except in the context of breastfeeding, birth and after-birth moments, health-related situations (such as post-mastectomy, breast cancer awareness, or gender confirmation surgery), and acts of protest. Nude paintings and sculptures are allowed. However, due to safety reasons, AngkorFeed may remove images or videos of children that are nude or partially nude, even if shared with good intentions.

  • Engage Meaningfully and Sincerely: Help keep AngkorFeed free from spam. Avoid artificially collecting likes, frienders(=followers), or shares, repeatedly posting comments or content, or contacting people repeatedly for commercial purposes without consent. Do not offer money or gifts in exchange for likes, friends(=follow), comments, or other engagement. Do not engage in, promote, or facilitate fake or misleading reviews or ratings. Although real names are not necessary on AngkorFeed, users must provide accurate and up-to-date information. Do not impersonate others and do not create accounts with the intention of violating guidelines or causing misunderstanding.

  • Comply with Laws: AngkorFeed is not a space to support or endorse terrorist organizations, criminal groups, or hostile groups against races or religions. Prohibited activities include offering sexual services, personal transactions of weapons, alcohol, tobacco products, non-medical or prescription drugs. Content attempting to trade, broker, donate, gift, or request non-medical drugs, or acknowledging personal use of non-medical drugs (except for recovery purposes) will be removed.

    The sale of live animals between individuals is banned, though retail transactions may be allowed. Trafficking or sale of endangered species or their parts is prohibited.

    Compliance with laws is crucial when offering or purchasing regulated goods. Written permission is required for accounts promoting online gambling, online skill games involving cash transactions, and online lotteries.

    Sharing sexual content involving minors or threatening to post images that could cause sexual embarrassment to anyone is strictly prohibited.

  • Respect Community Members: AngkorFeed aims to foster a positive and diversity-respecting community culture.

    Content including threats, hate speech, defamation, or exposing personal information for extortion or harassment will be removed.

    While intense discussions about public figures, due to their professional or public activities, are allowed, attacking or inciting violence against anyone based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or disease is never permitted. Hate speech shared for the purpose of opposing or raising awareness against such views may be allowed if the intent is clear.

    Actions seriously threatening the safety of the public or individuals, including theft, property damage, or financial harm, are prohibited. Threat reports are thoroughly reviewed, and the authenticity of threats is determined considering various factors.

  • Handling Sensitive Issues and Self-Harm Content: AngkorFeed is a community that cares for each other, and it is a place where people struggling with difficult issues like eating disorders and self-harm can find recognition and support. AngkorFeed supports education for such individuals through the app and provides relevant information at customer centers to help them get the necessary assistance. Promoting or encouraging self-harm behaviors is harmful and can lead to account deletion or deactivation if reported. Content attacking or mocking the identity of a self-harm victim will also be removed.

  • Posting Major Events with Care: Many people use AngkorFeed to share events that can be significant issues. These events often contain provocative imagery. Since AngkorFeed is a space for people of diverse ethnicities, values, genders, and ages, photos/videos containing provocative or violent scenes are removed to ensure comfort for all users. However, there are times when such content is shared to raise awareness, criticize, or educate. When sharing content for these purposes, please provide a warning about violent images in the photo. Sharing provocative images for sadistic pleasure or to glorify violence is not permitted under any circumstances.

Create a Healthy Community on AngkorFeed

  • AngkorFeed is a precious space where people come together. If you find a post that violates the guidelines, please use the provided report options to report it. Our monitoring team reviews the reports as quickly as possible to remove content that does not comply with our guidelines. If an image or associated text does not follow the guidelines, the entire post may be deleted.

  • Content that you simply do not like cannot be considered a violation of community guidelines. If you find content unappealing, you can unfriend or block the person who posted it.

  • Often, direct communication between community members can resolve disputes or misunderstandings. If someone else has posted your photo or video, try asking them to delete it by commenting on the post. If this approach does not resolve the issue, please submit a copyright infringement report. If you believe someone has infringed your trademark rights, you can submit a trademark infringement report. Posting screenshots targeting the author of a post or any actions that draw undue attention and potentially lead to harassment are considered inappropriate and should be avoided. Such actions can be seen as a form of harassment against the individual targeted and are not in line with fostering a respectful and safe community environment on AngkorFeed.

  • AngkorFeed may cooperate with law enforcement agencies and take appropriate actions when necessary, especially if there is a suspicion of physical threats against individuals or direct threats to public safety.

For more information, please check the customer center and the terms of use.

Thank you for helping AngkorFeed grow into Cambodia's leading community.

The AngkorFeed Team